Beautiful Summer Crocheted Bag Ideas So Cute You Won’t Leave Them All Day New 2019

In the summer, all you want to do is sunbathe, play in the park and find excuses to go to the beach, at least that’s all I want to do. And all these truly proactive actions prevent the addition of a bag, clutch or even a crossbody. (No matter how many times I’ve adjusted my shoulder bag handle, it looks like a punch, a fist, a punch in my leg every step I take. This is a cry for help.)

I mean that life would be better if all our things fit perfectly in our pockets, thus maximizing our mobility, while we drank our summer sunbathing, playing in the park, etc. But the reader, that’s not how reality appears. On my best day, the cutest, I still need my trip in a crossbody, and in the worst case, I need a full backpack. Summer bags are a necessary evil (in fact, bags at any time of the year are a necessary evil, but the problems are much more uncomfortable when wet AF is outside). And if something is vaguely annoying, it’s better to be cool.

Fortunately, this summer, the luggage selection corresponds to the invoice. Now there are a lot of summer bags on offer, most of them are so adorable that I don’t even mind wearing them all day. Seriously, I hate claws and everything they stand for (if you expect me to have more than a drink or a phone in hand for several hours, you’re legally crazy), but I ran into a knot in the summer of 2019 or two. I’m really tempted to buy and take. (This exaggerated praise comes from me, a shopping bag too irritable, in other words, it’s a BFD). And those are just legs. There are countless bags of buckets, lotteries and crosstal, which attracted me a lot.

The bags are none of my business, but there are certainly bags this summer. The choice is so incredibly big that each of the bags obsessed with a bag can reluctantly (clearly)

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