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Sometimes it feels like everyone has a baby and there is a baby shower once a month. Many people prefer to give away baby blankets, but let’s face it – it takes a long time to knit a blanket! Believe me, knitted baby booties are the best way to go. Knitted ankle boots are much faster and are also very much appreciated by parents-to-be.

Think you don’t know anything about knitting baby shoes? Think again! Many knitted baby shoes are really very simple and only consist of simple knitted and purl stitches. There is no need to increase or decrease in many models of knitted baby shoes.

And there are many knitted baby shoe models that are processed flat on flat needles and are more suitable for beginners. We have something for everyone here in these great knitted baby shoes!

Baby Hug Boots

Inspired by the ever-popular Ugg boots, knitted baby shoes are everywhere, and for good reason. They’re just so cute and comfy, and they’re pretty easy to make too! This design is especially beautiful because it is flat embroidered. The free pattern is available in 6 sizes from premature babies to 9 months.

Designer: Marianna’s Lazy Daisy Days

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Baby Boots

These brightly colored knitted baby shoes are the perfect gift for a couple with a rainbow baby. The sole of these ankle boots is made particularly supple by a sophisticated sock stitch and allows the baby room to grow. This design is flat stitched and then sewn.

Designer: Frankie’s Knitting Items

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Suspension Bridge Bootees

A DIY knit I-cord shoelace is a nice addition to a bootie for a toddler who loves to fidget (and hates wearing shoes!). Go for function over excitement with this super light knit pattern that is worked flat and then sewn. This model is available in 3 sizes from 0-3 months to 6-9 months.

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Basic Booties

Have you ever heard of the Magic Loop method? If you hate double pointed needles, here’s a really nifty trick for making small circles in the round. Check out the video tutorial linked on this pattern page and then try out these easy and quick knitted baby shoes.

Designer: Adeline Too Designs

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Duck Booties

I’m not really sure what you are doing in your life unless you dress your baby in curtain and duckfoot baby shoes. These are probably the cutest things I’ve seen all morning, and while they aren’t the most practical, they look pretty comfy! If baby hasn’t started walking yet why not laugh with this fun design?

Designer: Curious knitter

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Knitted Baby Booties – Easy Pattern

If you’ve never knitted baby shoes before, this simple knitting pattern is a good place to start. This free knitting pattern comes with a very detailed photo tutorial to walk you through every step. Made with straight and fully knitted stitches, this pattern is absolutely perfect for beginners.

Designer: Creativa Atelier

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Bitty Baby Booties

These ankle boots remind me of origami. I love the unconventional look and the cute button closure. I know they look a little creepy, but actually they’re pretty simple. You knit flat with only knitting stitches. There are even 12 helpful diagrams to walk you through the folding and sewing area!

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Little-Eyes Baby Booties

Improve your knitting skills with baby shoe knitting patterns that will teach you new skills. These cute little knitted booties have decorative cable patterns on the upper. Aside from this unique addition, the pattern is really quite simple and straightforward. You’re working in stockinette right now.

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Bows Before Bros

Add style and color to your knit baby shoe project with these two-tone bow boots. I love the bow size here and the great contrast between pink and blue. You will work this design flat with knit and purl stitches. The bow is embroidered separately and then sewn.

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Coffee Break Baby Booties

Challenge yourself to make these lovely lace up baby shoes. Despite its complex appearance, it’s a pretty quick project – hence the name “Coffee Break”. This design is embroidered from the cuff to the hem.

Designer: Caros Fummely


sock yarn – fingering weight
2.75mm/ US 2 dpns
darning needle

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