Crochet Basket; 35 Combed Rope Round Knitting Basket Models Using New 2019

As I weave round wicker products, I will share with you the construction sections, so you want to do it.
First we make a magic ring, so we pull the rope twice and put it in this ring five times for the first time. Made to measure
Then we drop each of the five needles we made, that’s the second.
We will double on line 3 again.
We descend to the fourth place.
We put two separate pairs on the 5th place.
We make three separate pairs in 6th place.
We fell to the seventh place in each hole.
8th Row Three Separate pairs
9. Four separate pairs
10. Single bat on each hole.

You can make these sequences the way you want. For example, if I have a team of 3 people, I make six rows of the bottom of the lower neck, eight rows of medium length, 10 rows of large size. (I make 9 rows if the rope is big, sometimes too thick)
Important Note: These base numbers vary depending on the structure of the Came merving ropes. Some strands are flexible and others are very thin and never stretch. So The main figures can not be saved, depending on the rope, you can also You can
I mean like 7. Meanwhile, I say bat on each hole, the aspect closes, so if there is a refueling, try two separate pairs. Or make one pair of 3, it all depends on your line, and it depends on you,

And do not be afraid to split, believe me, you can not get the perfect result. I have three days until I get these three pistols (I was forced not to fight this manual work if you know that you will get better results without any difficulties). But If you’re going to do it for the first time, that is too elastic. Get cord without rope and 8-digit crochet is perfect. Do this until you unscrew it after you finish the base, we will make the edge and go up and do frequent injections. Fill the inside of the needles to the desired size and process the eight rows in height if the base number is eight. Size depends on you, a little use for all..

If you say that I want to make an order, I can not contact my profile.

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