Crochet Basket; How To Make Roller Basket Making /Combed Basket From Combed Rope? New 2019

How to make a comb for baskets with rollers for basket Makking/Kämmer?
Tile baskets models are used in the hall, in the bathroom and indoors, as an elegant decoration item, as well as a functional round.
I made Kammer’s rope and my waltz model as seen in the pictures and I told him about it.
First, we make the basis, not the frequent pens.

Common Needle Base

1. We make 8 frequent injections in a magic ring.

2nd place: We are sinking each common needle

3rd place: 1 double 1 extra

4th place: 2 Singles 1 Pair

5th place: 3 Singles 1 Pair

6th place: 4 Pairs 1 Pair

You can continue to knit depending on the size of the basket. We Draw 1 line at the end of each line. We make 1 row of flat sheets after you have climbed the scroll chain.
2. From the usual implement model.
We build a model, dropping the 1st floor in a row.
The Details appear in the photos I added.
We Knit 9 Common lines when you launch the model.
In The future the basket can advance to the edges.
We weave the shift chain as close as possible while we finish the last.

When We do, we’re ready for a convex blanket.

Let’s Make it easy.

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