Crochet Beanie; 36 Crochet Hats For Newborn Cute Babies Ideas- Instructions For Beginners New 2019

Many mothers like to do handmade in their spare time and create beautiful things for their children. And in the first year of life the child is so gentle and fragile that wants to decorate, make it warm and pleasant. Crochet Cap Knit, created specifically for the baby, will remember and leave the light of this time period when the child just entered the world.

Baby’s ears are very sensitive in the first months of life, they should be protected. So for a newborn crochet cap it will only have the way, especially if it is also warm. Having created several decorative elements in such a cap it is possible to cause pleasant feelings not only for the kid but also for the surrounding people. Not a problem if you are an inexperienced Knitter.

To make a children’s hat is not too difficult and available to many. Having mastered simple schemes for crochet for newborns, you can create a work of art for your little child. Learn the Foundation’s first fabric, and then experiment with other ways. Tie the cap so that the baby’s ears are firmly closed from the cold and the wind.

Preparatory phase – select yarn and calculate size

Everything you need to work-hook, wire, thick needle, scissors. Before you start to knit any product, you need to pay attention to the quality, color and thickness of the lines because it is from these criteria depends on the success of your work.

If you want to knit a newborn crochet summer cap, it is best to choose a cotton yarn because it contains viscose, which, as you know, gives things shine in the sun. Remember that dark colors attract sunlight, which can cause sunstroke, and we do not need it. An example of the required yarns can serve iris, chamomile and many others, if you are not sure of your choice, check with the yarn seller.

You can take any soft wire, depending on the season you want to tie a lid on. Also, it should not irritate the child’s delicate skin. Excellent natural yarn, which is made of cotton and wool. Today even special topics for children can be found for sale.

The main thing to do in subsequent work is to calculate the size correctly. For this purpose, it is necessary to remove the measurement of a child’s head. It is necessary to do on more protruding ears because we do not need the cap to be small and pressed on the child’s head. To know the size to make the bottom of the hat, you need to measure the head volume. Then this value will have to be divided into 3.14 (PI number). The resulting value will be the diameter of the bottom of the lid.

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