20+ Fun & Easy Crochet Bag Patterns for Summer- 2021


Outdoor Beach Bag Pattern


2 balls of Bernat Outdoor Yarn
Size N (9mm) Crochet Hook
Yarn needle (optional)
2 yards of 3/8″ twisted rope (I found mine at Joann)
1/2″ Fashion Grommet Kit (Also found at Joann)

This bag is made from Bernath’s new streetwear thread using star stitching. I was so excited when I came across this rope! I had a lot of ideas, but settled on the bag because it could be versatile. It works as a picnic bag, park bag, beach bag, or just a tote bag whenever you need it. The advantages of using street yarn is that you can literally take it anywhere without the worry of messing up like regular yarn.

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