20+ Fun & Easy Crochet Bag Patterns for Summer- 2021


Ocean Vibes Bag Pattern

Do you like crochet bags? I’ve been really enjoying making bags lately and creating the Ocean Waves bag has been a lot of fun (and pretty fast)! If you are looking for a bag that is roomy, easy to make, has a fun texture and looks great in all color combinations, this is the bag for you.

The Ocean Vibes bag makes a great day trip bag no matter what time of year you are, as well as a great crochet bag, beach / pool bag, shopping bag, and more – a bag that holds you back I need a bag! Make one for yourself or for someone special as a holiday gift or both! The bag is such a practical gift, with so much potential that I bet your thoughtfully handcrafted gift will brighten someone’s day (or their holiday)!

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