Spring / Summer Sandals – 30 Free Super Comfy Sandals And Flip-flop can Create DIY, New 2019

Summer means painted nails, slippers and sandals. If you like to brag in warm weather, we have a great collection for you!

We found 30 of the simplest and easiest ways to make your own sandals and summer sandals. Everything is very simple and there is something for all occasions. Do you need anything fun and colorful to take to the beach? Or what about something more formal for one of those June weddings you’re planning to visit?
We cover you no matter what you need for a great summer shoes. And many of them just require you to recycle old slippers. If you need to buy a new pair, we suggest you buy the cheapest in the Dollar Store or Old Navy when they go on sale. So, you just need to pick the pair in the collection you want to recreate, and voila-which made a great pair of summer shoes for just a few bucks! What could be better than a new shoe? Well, except for the amazing shoes, fun and cheap, that’s all.

These gorgeous recycled slippers are like suede, but they do feel so. You just cut off the strips from your old worn out slippers and then use the felt to make a new pair of sandals that are so delightful. They have that cute lovets ONE and felt ankles, rather like gladiator sandals. The best part is that they recycle old slippers and turn them into elegant and sexy sandals that will cost nothing if you feel something in your hand. You can do it in any color, although we love Brown because it makes them look like suede.

These cute slippers are also an excellent recycling project, and if you have a small scrap at hand, this too will not cost you a dime. You need a pair of slippers, and again, if you don’t have an old pair you can put on, enjoy the shops of Dollar or even a sale in the yard to get a cheap pair. The entire project takes less than half an hour and does not require stitching. You just cut the fabric, drill it through the holes where the straps are removed, and then tie. You can wear it if you want, but it really doesn’t need if you have a good knot.

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