30 Amazing Bikini And Swimwear Ideas For Summer And Spring New 2019

If you are going on a tropical vacation soon or just dreaming of warm days, we have information about buying a swimsuit that you need. Instead of waiting for the summer peak to soak up the newly released swimwear trend, we decided to take matters into our own hands and come up with some of the biggest names to give the image that everyone will wear in 2019.

Thanks to experts who work in swimwear brands such as Solid and Striped, Peony, Marysia and Anemone, we can now mentally prepare for the storm of beautiful bikinis and finished products that lie ahead. In their opinion, 2019 looks like a year when you should finally take a vacation in hot weather, which you dreamed of, because these trends deserve extensive photo shoots and long walks on the beach.

From yellow sun and extroverted leopard print to retro styles and high-landing bottoms, these are the trendy beach trends you need this year on the radar. Scroll down to see and buy our peaks.

When Emma Spedding, who was sent to Dubai for a press trip last month, almost everyone in the pool was dressed in a curving ASOS bikini, and after trying for herself, she confirmed that it was the most flattering bikini she had ever worn. We also love the classic Hunza G swimsuits for a good dose of 90s Baywatch chic.

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