30 Summer Crochet Bikini And Swimwear Pattern Design Ideas New 2019

On a sunny summer’s day in Montaok, Ipek Irgit was in a family situation, she didn’t know what she was doing with her life. It was 2019 and she was 34. Earlier this year, after her heart was broken, she went on holiday in Brazil, visiting Rio de Janeiro and the beach towns of Bahia. Now he was on Long Island beach, in a body-like body, with woven and open rubber bands, trying to figure out what to do and who to be.

It’s been 11 years since Ms. Irgit moved to New York from Turkey with $300 in her pocket and the vague dream of living in one of the city’s creative industries. She became part of an inferior fashion lawmaker who seemed to have a purpose. It was a costly existence, especially for Ms. Irgit, who jumped from work to work without a cushion from the trust fund. She was a waitress and waitress; He worked in a fashion company as an assistant to the retailer and wholesale. Nothing is stuck.

At the Montaok arena, Ms. Irgit played ball with a friend, the restaurateur Serge Becker, and praised her flashy bikini. As Ms. Irgit later said, it was that spark that led her to start a business. Why not create more of these distinctive swimsuits? Why not become a manufacturer of bikinis?

Mrs. Irgit looked at the swimsuit and saw the unexplored “superpowers .” It was bright, colourful and looked fantastic on Instagram. Its tiny shape contained an unexpected amount of elements: Triangular panels; The contrast-colored line and the most distinctive of these bright elastic straps are plagued by knitting ribbons. The suit had D.I.J. Ms. Irgit expecting shoppers to view it as sexy but athletic, unconventional but sophisticated. “Reflection ,” he said, “is my personality. ”

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