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Despite all his efforts to make his bedroom a serene shrine, life often gets in his way. It’S Easy to let you decorate your gliding goals and just take your number this way, but if you’re looking for a way to turn your bedroom into a quiet retreat, Feng Shui is a good place to start.

This is an ancient practice that aims to create harmony between you and your environment. Although It may seem mysterious and difficult at first, Feng Shui expert Catherine Brophy knows the easiest way to incorporate it into her everyday life. The simple prohibitions of TWO and Brophy will help you to get the Zen bedroom of your dreams.

Don’t keep anything under the bed
“It’s Not a thing! Brophy says. She adds that each element has its own energy, so the more things are stacked under the bed (even if it’s just an extra bed), the less space there is for you to pass your own energy. During sleep. It Can be difficult, especially if you do not have enough space, but Brophy swears it is useful for everyone, and recommends it especially for people who have difficulty sleeping.

Clean and messy
The first step is to create a quiet environment, making sure that your environment is clean and free of problems. Perform A thorough cleaning: remove everything in your wardrobe, vacuum under the bed, and get rid of the things you don’t like. “Evaluate what surrounds you and permítete optimize “, says Brophy. If you have clothes you know you’ll never wear again, give it to charity. Don’t let them lend you your energy.

Not living in the past
According to Brophy, clinging to the past violates peace in the present. “Preserving objects from commitments or unwillingness to let them go is a matter “, says Brophy. “If you have furniture or artwork that you fought with a family member to get, or won in the divorce process, evaluate the energy costs to store such things.

Think practically
“Practical considerations that were carefully assembled will increase lightness and peace,” says Brophy. Other questions you recommend asking yourself: Is there enough space on either side of the bed, even if there is only one person sleeping in it? “Most people will use the room from both parties,” she says. Is this the right height so you can easily enter and exit? Is It easy for everyone sleeping in bed, including pets? Is He attractive? Does It look attractive?

Don’t miss the headboard
The headboard of the bed should feel defined and focused, so it is important to have a headboard. Even if it is a DIY take, as some fabrics hang from the wall of the bed, there should be no clear headboard. “The header creates a sense of security and helps us feel protected when we sleep,” says Brophy.

Fixes everything that’s broken
It’S Easy to put aside the problems in our homes, like that squeaky door hinge, make a mental note be careful, but it looks like it’s never fixed, or that a broken alarm clock has become purely decorative. Brophy suggests making a list of everything that needs to be decided and set a time limit for him to do this.

Don’t Forget the light controllers
“You should Always be able to control the light level in your bedroom ,” says Brophy. She recommends having the headlights on a dimmer, so you can have as much or as little light as you want “. Enlightenment has such An effect. In our state of mind and energy. I tell people to buy several different types of bulbs and to check them out. “See What light is best for you.”

Don’t hang a lot of mirrors
If You are going to have mirrors in the bedroom, Brophy recommends avoiding hanging them in front of the bed or windows. “Mirrors reflect energy and light,” says Brophy. “Being Able To See your reflection while you are in bed can distract you. And If you hang a mirror through the window, it will reflect the light and make it harder to sleep deeply.

Don’t Save on Comfort
Comfort is a key element of quality recreation. “The better you rest at night, the quieter you’ll be all day,” says Brophy. “Pay attention to your bed. If It wasn’t comfortable, it would be a good investment to get the most comfortable bed you can afford.

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