Crochet Amigurumi; I Shared My Experiences, My Mistakes And Their Solutions , 7 Bug And Solution New 2019

Probably all those who have seen the wonderful little toys of Amigurumi. I Decided to try to tie them. However, like all rookies, we can make mistakes. So we lose the joy of creativity and throw away the lack of responsibility somewhere else.

I Want To share my experience, mistakes and solutions.

The first error: A hook that was incorrectly chosen for the thread, or otherwise. You can often hear beginners: “Why I have such a loose weave,” the answer is simple. Pick up the finest hook. For toys, the standard hook selection does not fit, as it is written on the thread labels, you need a smaller hook. For example, the meter 300m./100gr. The Manufacturers Write a 3.5-4 hook, for toys will be 1.75-2.
The second mistake. Beginners often confuse the wrong side with the front side. Sometimes this is done intentionally, but these are special cases, and if it happens arbitrarily, then it is a mistake that can complicate the task of weaving and spoiling the appearance. First, define clearly what the sordid side looks like on the front. Secondly, when weaving to ensure that the product does not come out.
The third mistake. The filling protrudes or sticks to the canvas of the toy. Of course, the topic of padding is a very voluminous subject, and you can write a lot. But I’m just going to tell a little aspect. It Is important that the end is not covered to the edge and leave a small space to slide the hook. Then, in the last row through a small hole, fill this gap with a thin stick, for example, for sushi.
The fourth mistake. Faithfully sewn pieces. This is also a very voluminous issue. I’M Going to share just some information. Details: Ears, tails and others, you need to sew from the sewn part to which we sew. Oh, I said, it’s probably not clear. The conclusion is to obtain a clean and discreet seam. It Is necessary to guide the needle first in the middle loop of the part that we want to sew, for example, a buttonhole. And then insert the needle into the canvas of the head, doing the same on the contrary, the seam will not be beautiful. But if, as I described it, at least I tried, the seam will be clean. However, showing it is easier than describing.
Fifth mistake. Do Not use marker. I faced the fact that newbies don’t use a marker, so the loop and row count becomes torture. You need to tag every last or first loop of the series, I marked the last one, so I’m used to it. But A marker can be a thread of a contrast color, a clip or markers that are sold in hand-made stores.
The Sixth error. Running or Chinese eyes. She had such a sin herself and used them. But girls, this mistake is for those rookies who want to sell their jobs. Such eyes are very, very cheap your masterpiece. And yet, for your work, you will not pay a decent payment. After all, the association with these eyes is done automatically with something simple and cheap. To do Is simple-don’t use these eyes. What to replace, if the plastic is better to use black or medium beads, to make you eyes (weave, roll, sculpt). Or use more expensive eyes with a vivid look, even plastic or acrylic eyes look many times better. And of course, the favorite is crystal eyes. I Hope you enjoyed this advice.
The seventh mistake. Low quality Stuffing. Well, yes, however, I will go back to this issue. Only Now I’ll tell you what things. Often, beginners think you can stuff anything, unfortunately, for dot toys it’s not. You Can’t stuff it with bits of yarn or cloth, well, all sorts of things like that. This will ruin not only the appearance of the toy, but there is also a high probability that all these offals come out through the knit. Also, do not fill your toys with cotton or foam rubber, fall, wrinkle and the toy loses its shape. What to do? Holofiber, Sintepukh are excellent for refilling and bursting a toy from the inside, maintain its perfect shape. Also, I do not recommend filling with polyester padding, although in the worst case scenario, it is possible for them but not worth it…

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