Spring Fashion; My Spring / Summer My Favorite Outfit Trends, New 2022


I don’t want to panic here, but I just realized that the fashion month will start in a few weeks, and if I keep my promise to take care of the 2019 year myself, then I’d better join the organizing group as soon as possible. It’s possible! My First stop? Looking back at the spring-summer runways 19 and what trends I would like to include in my wardrobe this year.

I never want my style to be completely at the forefront, but to see the excitement of the month of fashion and trends that are repeated on several shows, I always go out with some lights and eagerness, some new details in my closet. Add. My rules are Items that I love, items that are universal, and items that are still “i “.

So Here they are, the trends of the spring/summer 19 show that definitely occupy the top spot on my list of “mandatory” and a little mention of what I love, but it probably won’t be in the foreseeable future in my diet.

Think of 50 Shades of beige and from head to toe in the most neutral palette of colors you’ve ever seen. Of Course, in the rainy London yellowish palette of this spring may not be a better idea, but as always, there is a way to keep this trend in your wardrobe. Think of the beige, the tanning, the camels and the naked paths you love, and bring them to the front of your wardrobe. Maybe it could be a camel coat that likes to throw over the costume of the boiler that was going to buy, or even that black Kami, which is a part, can be replaced by this spring summer on a neutral version. This is a trend that is so versatile that you can find it in any of your favorite stores.

Lace and Layers
Now This game includes a set of fashion trends under the same umbrella, but I think that lace and layers are the key to many of the trends observed in early summer takeoff and landing bands 2019 year. Not only do the layers for the next season come back, they think the shirts are thin-knit, the shorts are under long jackets and the style is another layer than usual, but it’s also a tip, turned on cheers. Do not think that quite, fancy lace will return to the shops, but it has been recycled in subjects, such as shirts and trousers to give them this alternative advantage and contrast with the usual alljuviem of pastel colors, visible in the spring. You will see how many black lace panels, ornaments and textures are placed in cabinets, while outerwear is placed one on top of another for a cooler climate.

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