Spring / Summer Outfits Fashion Trends: What You Need to Know New 2022


There are many trends in spring/summer 2019, but we are here to inform you about the people who really affect your wardrobe. Discover what’s available on the Podium, discover what buyers are buying or what they are getting wildly, to know the Instagram feeds throughout the fashion month… It’s not just a situation to tell you what you saw. This is a convenient version of the products you want to buy, the old ones you’re going to reappear, new styling tricks that change everything, and new brands you need to know.

Firstly, S/S 19 shows and designers want to create a context for their presentations as a whole: about feminism and equality, using large, small fashion houses, as a place for their platforms, talked too much. Discussion and discussion, diversity. To encourage diversity. And above all, create outfits where women can feel safe and strong. We were Finally in the middle of the #MeToo movement, with global scandalating some test minds.

“One of the biggest trends we saw during the Demonstrations was the general theme of the real woman, the introduction of womanship, to strengthen women and to feel confident and comfortable,” said Global purchasing manager Elizabeth von der Goltz. Said. Net-A-Porter.

As we have seen the most evident in the beginning of Riccardo for Burberry and Loewe, Row, Valentino “In the form of pieces, the tendency is to compliment and casual Tailorations to the flowing forms, everything is long skirts and casual outerwear, and Givenchy, so to say goodbye to all women It’s a simple trend, and that’s what I love most, “says Goltz.

I’m on the side of designers who Really think of the secret and obvious force that can bring fantastic costumes to the table, and clothing is really liberating and empowering for women is definitely the option (on a specific topic).

A modest and fast-paced noisy and quiet looks, sporty and elegant outfits and silhouettes: the 2019 Spring Fashion line has many looks, articles and details that make up why maybe it explains.

The collections for mature women with Harmonious cultural rebirth, sequel already buying power of trends are many substances higher profile and there are brands that have some seasons of Gen Z, minimalism and maximalism. Whatever You want, you did it. And It’s all in our report.

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