Spring / Summer Top Fashion Trends: This Season We Have Compiled Clothing And Styles, new 2022


Officially Spring, which means that many of us are starting to wonder about the new batteries that we would like to season with our cabinets.

Wondering where to start? In the Spring of 2019 year we deciphered the gateways and found 10 key trends buyers who are going to pour your news tapes Insta.

Below is his complete guide to the continuous trends of the new season (Hi, eighty) and new fashion (neoprene surfing, anybody?). Don’t go shopping without them.

From pale olive Polo to Jil Sander to pistachio frog dresses and warm coats in Marc Jacobs and Meeroam Tulle, which were presented with Molly Goddard, were the killers of the sages in the spring of 2019 year. Prefer the moss or mint tones, this subtle nuance can be bought in a static.

Suits for boilers were the secret favorite of fashion for autumn, and they will have a great time in the spring. In Hermès They reached bright bursts of color, while in Armani, Alexa Chung, Stella McCartney and Giambattista Valli dominated utilitarian vibrations with muted shades of white, gray and black. A Complete solution for the costume? It has Never been so easy to change clothes in the spring.

It was only a matter of time before the dominant fashion of the jeans era returned to the catwalks. First seen in Pronice Showler and Alexandra Wang in New York, then in Isabel Marant, Off-White, Celine and Balmain, washing with acid is a brilliant surprise for jeans that know.

Thoughts of thought were bizarre and as a child? Think again this season they became high, bad and jumped, exploded from the busts of Tafa clothes and sharply slipped off their shoulders. Roksanda Ilincic decorated grey dresses with mustard-yellow velvet bows, while in Emilia Wickstead they decorated big, almost tasteless dresses. The Show Erdema, inspired by two crossed dresses of the nineteenth century, was painted with ribbons that appeared on the shoulders, in the lower part of the spine and around the neck, while in black satin bows Miu Miu Miu They nailed to the shoulders of cowboys. They took the dresses. Mantra? Follow the links.

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