SUMMER FASHION – I’Ll Wear This Spring/Summer 30 Fashion Trends New 2022


If unfavorable weather and taught us something this week, it is that the arrival of spring was not a guarantee of good weather.

But The good news is that the warm days are coming. You must be!

Thus, although there are now more than 50 dark grids and a subclass of substantial firing, we should at least think about how our summer cabinets will look in the spring of the 2019 year, at least for the next few minutes.

We can stay for a couple of weeks before we can * really * pamper ourselves, but before these parts land and the trends will inevitably end up in front of the main road (hey, did we do or not expect a revival of animal print in February…?) We can Have some fun by calling visas. The Ions of our next season are aesthetically pleasing.

So, what will prevail?

1. Big Hats
Whoever watched so much in his Instagram tape last summer undoubtedly discovered the hat Jacquemus La Bomba. Now according to SS18, it seems the brands are competing for a similar cult status next season, producing their own delightful incarnations from which we cannot get enough.
Bike shorts may have stolen the show over the past year, but, thank God, the next season looks a little weaker. Skirts, made in size, micro, knee… Can be released for several months, as we all go to the youth alternative for our new summer.
Prisoner in: Alex Chung (left), Margaret Howell (center), Regina Pito (right) and Principles Thornton Bregazzi

3. Tight Trousers
After A successful career last year, wrinkles returned to SS19, but this time they are much more difficult. More complex than before, the micro-crease maximizes the impact, creating not only more movement, but also a more tortuous silhouette as the expansion and contraction. Science huh, huh?
Enclosed in: Givenchy (left), Preen from Thornton Bregazzi (center), Balmain (right), Prablgla and Roland Sea
I know that we were all surprised by the repetition of this 60s anniversary, but unfortunately it seems that the dye of Krawett really came back into the bucket. It is true that in the 2019 year is a trend, there are many sects. Do what Stella does with an “unlimited” approach and choose a bold double match or, if you’re like us, you’ll probably prefer a thinner beach maxi.
While the models in Halperon, Ashiche and David Coma were unreliable on the stiletto, it was much easier for Valentino and Simone Rocha. More precisely, six inches closer to the ground. And We look forward to the opportunity to spend the next season in a cozy and luxurious apartment for #fashun.
If unpredictable weather has taught us something last summer, there is never too much preparation. With Wellington bikini, sunglasses and high boots You should serve well in any weather.

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