Top 40 Bathrooms, Innovations And Best Ideas People Will Want To Have Them In The Future New 2019


Many of us feel that our bathroom is outdated, in terms of design and style, and lacks modern technology.

In fact, a new research has found that 68% of people think their bathroom is outdated and would like to see new innovations in this room at home over the next 10 years.

A survey of 1.100 consumers using DigitalBridge technology showed that people would like to see more in the “bathroom of the Future “, with automatic facial recognition technology headlining the list, with 18 percent of the people who choose this Function. This Innovation can immediately activate the preferred lighting or variable water temperatures when entering the facility.

New and innovative innovations, such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), were also included in the 10 most desirable technologies. Studies also showed that 16 percent of people said they would like to have voice-over devices in their hearts to allow them to add essential bathroom elements to their shopping list when they are low.

“As much as they may seem some of these innovations, they are not really far away, being a reality,” said Alexyx Levin.

“The Advances in AR and AI are being made in our homes through devices like Amazon Alexa and software like Google Arcore and Apple ARKit.

“Obviously, consumers ‘ appetite for new and innovative bathroom products is high, so the race is ready for vendors to update quickly to take advantage of this captive audience. ”

The Top 10 innovations in the bathroom that consumers want to see over the next 10 years

1. A facial recognition system that automatically adjusts the temperature and water pressure to your personal settings.

2. A floating drone mirror that lets you comb the back of your hair easily.

3. In the shower there is a voice device that allows you to add shampoo, toothpaste and other essential items to the shopping list when you are working little.

4. Augmented reality Simulator (AR) showing how a hairstyle can look on your head and provides step-by-step instructions on how to achieve it.

5. A PEP-speaking mirror that gives you tips on your attire based on a link to your personal calendar.

6. Three Faucets: One for hot, cold and “perfect”.

7. A bathing machine that selects your clothes and dresses you.

8. Full-body air Dryer.

9. Height-adjustable Sink, toilet and mirror that move up and down according to who uses them.

10. The surrounding screen, which allows you to make a cup of coffee and respond to the doorbell of the shower door.

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