15+ Best Free Amigurumi Crochet Patterns 2021


Amigurumi has been a big trend in the crochet world for quite some time and offers a nice change of pace for those tired of sewing blankets, hats and mittens. This free collection of amigurumi patterns has a variety of cute and adorable toys for hearts young and old.

Crocheting various and wonderful items from hooks has become very popular with people. And one of the hottest trends and fashions in the crochet world is crochet amigurumi. Amigurumi and plush toys are popular not only with adults and adults, but also with children who love them. We can say that everyone is in love with Infect crochet amigurumi and crochet toys, whether kids, babies, young or old. The crochet amigurumi and plush patterns are perfect for your kids to play with freely and keep them busy with them they grow up well. Not only that, you can decorate your child’s room like a hanging ornament by crocheting amigurumi. You can also crochet amigurumi like a teddy bear as a gift for loved ones and loved ones on their special days.

Amigurumi Little Prince

Greetings from my dear little prince. Inspired by the animated film The Little Prince.

I used Nako Diamond for this pattern.
I used 6mm safety eyes for the eyes.
The pattern has a detailed photo tutorial.
You are allowed to sell the finished product.
I don’t want you to share my pattern without my permission. Please ask me if you would like to translate it into your language.

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