Kitchen Ideas, 30 Free Best Convenient And Stylish Kitchen Design Trend Models New 2019


In The New Year, many housewives seek to refresh their favorite spaces, often starting in the kitchen. In 2019, we have seen everything from banquet-style seating to double kitchen cabinets, and we will continue to see new innovative designs in the new year.

Whether you plan to reform your kitchen or get inspired for a simple upgrade, there is a new generation of design trends to consider for 2019. We talked to some of our designers. We Go beyond the expected cooking trend for this year, with tremendous inspiration for everyone.

Our customers continue to have a hidden and clean integration into our kitchen projects, with maximum and intelligent storage solutions. ”

“Tin and bronze are the trends we love, are not as strong as matte black or as specific as bronze or gold, but this gives the bulbs a certain texture and depth. ”

Open Shelves
“The trend I see replacing the kitchen cabinets with shelves of metal, wood or glass. Inspired by the spaces of hotels and shops, this contributes to the bold statements that many want to make in their homes, leaving the minimalism that has been popular in recent years “.

“We will continue to see traditional elements and shapes in harmony with modern design in 2019. Think of natural refined stone, organic basalt tile, wicker furniture and hand wrapped lights and vintage-inspired lighting. “COLOR DIVERSIFICATION
“In 2019, we officially closed the door for clean white kitchens. Even if it is only one element, highlight color is blue stool, a colorful Roman pattern or a layer of color powder paint from the island penetrate pure white slate kitchens from the past “.

Wood Use
“People are looking for more and more connections with nature. This creates a warm and relaxing environment and is a timeless and versatile material that we love. We see a growing desire for more luminous and airy spaces, and wood is a wonderful material to turn on, achieve this. ”

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