30+ Small Rules That Turn Bathroom Design Into Revolution Top Trend Ideas New 2021


The first idea behind a small bathroom design for 2019 is great: you don’t really need more storage space, just a more minimalist approach! Think about it for a minute. These great stories with a deep closet under the sink: the inefficient use of space. Things get lost in the back of the closet. And Libra eliminates so many real estate in the design of your small bathroom that your bathroom looks smaller. How do you solve the problem?

Get rid of the clutter and unnecessary elements. How many towels, cosmetics and hotel bathrooms do you really need?
Replace a squat toilet table with a sink or floating cabinet or narrow shelves. You will be less inclined to overload your bathroom when things are exposed.

Once you clean up the mess and replace the oversized bathroom with something minimalist, think about all the useful things you can do with the room. How to add a universal washer and dryer. Or create a lodge.

Some of the most expensive items in the bathroom design are the faucets, tiles and finishes. Because you work with less space, you need less. It’s time to stop thinking a small bath isn’t worth it. It’s time to make your little designer bathroom look like a million dollars! Here are some ways to add more luxury to a slightly smaller budget:

Selection of high quality accent lamps.
Tile band (or top half of your bathroom) in tiles or more expensive marble
Add a towel dryer to help you take a side to the towels.
Swap your toilet for a new floating style.
Upgrade to a glass shower door, which is the next idea of bathroom design.

Here’s a little bathroom design tip that traditionalists wouldn’t like: rip the bathtub off and add a modern shower surrounded by seamless glass. This is a great way to save a lot of space on your little snity. A seamless glass door can be more expensive than a shower curtain, but it will certainly be longer lasting. Not to mention opening a room and increasing the value of your home.

Aren’t you ready to give up the bathroom? You can always add a seamless glass shower or bath.

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