Batroom Ideas, 8 Bathroom Tile Trends you will See New 2019


The tile is the main element of the bathroom design, and its uses are endless. This year we see many new trends in tiles that adapt to almost all design styles, from minimalist to maximum. Scroll up to get ideas that will inspire you for the next renovation of your bathroom (and as your hobby grows, see these ideas for kitchen tiles as well).

The days passed when the tile floors disappeared in the back of the room. In 2017, you will see a revival of patterned tiles, perhaps reflecting the renewed focus on craftsmanship and craftsmanship this year.

Honey tiles
If 2019 could have a shape, it could just be a honeycomb. Designers become geometric with their hive-shaped tiles (also known as hexagons) that appear on floors and slab walls. This bathroom by Laurel & Wolf is decorated with gray tiles with dark blue edges that mimic a dark blue wall.

Color patterns
Patterns painted on tiles are not the only way to excite them with tiles. Designers collect intricate designs using a variety of geometric tiles and colors designed to catch the eye at first glance, like in this bathroom at Laurel & Wolf’s house.

Although the color of this year will undoubtedly be a trend, the most natural tones, such as chocolate brown, will be a good option for those who prefer a more neutral palette. This Homepolish home has a dark brown floor tile that adds space to a neutral space. You can also expect matt coatings to compete with gloss this year.

If the trend of cell tiles is testing, this year there will be atypical tile shapes. Instead of the classic floor tiles of this year’s metro, the long, narrow tiles in the bathrooms will appear as an elegant alternative.

The trend of fish scales first appeared in 2018, but it still works in 2019 with fashionable baths like this one from Homepolish. Fish scale tiles add a dimension element and offer a more elegant look to an owner who wants to avoid the square look.

Vertical tiles
When you’re tired of horizontal subway tiles, the only place you can go is up! The vertical tiles can be surprised with a modern and unexpected aesthetic, which can visually enlarge a room. This particular bathroom uses several shades of gray to attract the attention of visitors.

Naturally, 2019 is associated with green. But almost all colors appear on the tile this year as a bright and happy bathing trend for color lovers. In this bathroom, the bright green is combined with more muted natural elements (such as a wooden sink and a window) to balance the bright and carefree style.

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