Batroom Ideas, You’ll Fall In Love With These Bathrooms With Expert Designers’ Ideas New 2019


When it comes to beautiful bathroom design, the aesthetics and functions of the space should be the same. There is nothing worse than unsightly jewelry that disturbs the serenity of a good bubble bath. This year, give your master bathroom the attention it deserves and enjoy the great design.

Here are 30 great master bathroom ideas that can inspire your next renovation.

Boho Escandinaviano
The combination of classic Scandinavian minimalism and boho style, suitable for families, come together in the bathroom of Homepolish home designer Erica Yeman.

In a house that is larger than life in Madrid, decorator and architect Amaro Sánchez de Moya creates a large workshop bathroom in neoclassical style. The Devon & Devon bathtub with legs and sinks, the chair is Napoleon III, and the 19th century statue is Italian.

Main terrace
The main bathroom of the Beverly Hills High School Platform includes a large private bath which adjoins the terrace allowing entry outside.

State walls
The neutral palette in this main bathroom in Canada is enlivened by earthy green walls and golden accessories that give modern space an element of glamor.

In this Uruguayan country bathroom, rustic wooden walls are modernized with a layer of white paint, and from the dug-out bath you have an ocean view.

The main bathroom of winter solitude is reminiscent of a traditional Native American design, with a stool made by a local craftsman and 1910 Navajo carpets.

The hotel’s Christina Juárez bathroom, located in New York’s public relations department, reigns summer charm. The walls are wrapped with Cole & Son wallpaper in a citrus chair Pier 1Imports.

The main bathroom of the London house finds a balance between the old and the new, with unusual steel bustle, surrounded by wardrobe doors covered in red silk; The photo was taken by Pablo Lopez Luz.

In the home of Coldplay’s Manhattan guitarist Johnny Buckland’s family, the main bathroom accentuates the arched architecture with white-painted brick walls and antique fixtures.

Zigzag flooring
The lights of the carriage are in the rustic main bathroom on the sides of the mirror, while the 19th century jeweler complements the aesthetics rich in culture. Floors with a zigzag pattern – an unlikely combination that blends perfectly with a carefully cured space.

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