Crochet Bags; Thanks To Knitted Bags, You Want To Be On The Beach At The Front? New 2019


It is good to go to the beach or walk with your own crocheted bag. On the other hand, the pattern that can come to themselves, and they differ. This bag fits simply enough; you can even make a beginner. Decide for yourself what color your handbag and size will be. Now you can go to work. Lightweight cotton thread knit bag. In a packet of medium parameters take about 300 g of thread.

Crochet Rectangular Bag

This form of Bag is a classic of the genre and is suitable for any outfit. The pattern can be chosen more rigid, the edges of the bag should be decorated with lace details, made of air loops. You will decorate the front of the bag to your taste with various details.

The simplest bag is woven with individual hooks. Fold the fabric, tied in half, stitch on the sides or attach the edges with padded columns. It will also determine the length of the bag handle for you and tie it in a pad with an individual hook.

To get a larger bag, attach 2 pieces separately and the bottom panel to them. For higher density, this can be done with individual hooks. All items sew with individual hooks.

Crochet round bag

Separate crochet pieces
Round shape will be a more original option. And if you take a brilliant thread, you get exclusive.

Fit 2 circles is the size you need. Mating scheme:

1st row: chain of air loops closes the formation of the ring, where you do crochet, you get the base of the circle
2nd row: on top of the first column of the previous row, weave a double crochet column, above the 2nd row: two double crochet columns, surround a circle in a similar way
Third row: above the first 2 columns of the previous row, double crochet weaves, and above the third row: 2 double crochets and so on until the end of the circle
Fourth row: above the first 3 columns of the previous row, double-crochet weave columns, and above the fourth row: 2 double crochets and so on until the end of the circle
fifth row: weave like the 4th row. Continue until you get the size of the bag you need.
Tie the top of the circles with a hole with a hook (several rows will suffice). Separately tie the handles. Sew or knit all parts of the bag.

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