Crocheted Beach Bag- Amazing Beautiful Beach Bags! 35 Crochet Patterns New 2019

Summer is full of steam here, and we, the Michanders, work to enjoy each sunny day, we can, perhaps, with our gloves, get frosty for half a year. So when the temperature is hot, we swap the white snow powder for white sand beaches. I may be a bit partial, but I think we have some of the most beautiful beaches around. (Here’s My proof!)

I promised you a big beach bag a few months ago when I published this little gift card for beach bags. Baby Henry kept his mother’s hands full, so the crochet time has been very limited nowadays… But it finally came! And let me tell you, this bag gave me grief. I worked and reformulated to find the best design to deliver an image that is super light and very durable. But I think I did it!

A confident beginner can make this bag easy, and yet it looks like something you could buy at the surf shop. It Has a very classic navy style pattern, but with very fun color options thanks to the yarn. I am absolutely in love with him!

Oh, and I mentioned… Made two sizes! One is perfect for you, and the other is perfect for your mini-me.

The brand of cotton yarn 24/7 is the natural fiber yarn of mercury 100% of the worst weight. It has a AH-MA-highlight color, brightness setting and point and a range of 24 hilarious tones. There are so many beautiful combined colors that you could use with this beach bag… You could do more than one!

Scroll down to a free template! 

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