Spring / Summer Fashion; A Stylist Shows The Top 50 Fashion Trends Of 2022


As A stylist I spend a lot of time buying and designing clothes. Even If I don’t look at the clothes, I probably think about it. And one of my favorite hobbies in fashion is forecasting trends. Although 2018 was filled with iconic fashion moments: the return of Radkurala, the revival of tropical prints, the revival of the silhouettes of the 1980s, we very very soon said goodbye to the last 12 months. We have completed the season of gifts, and we have planned a landmark New Year’s Parties (and updates); We only have to wait for the new year and the iconic fashion trends of the 2019 year that await us.

Since September I have predicted a few trends based on what I’ll see at the fashion Week in New York Spring/summer 2019 year. Several of them have made their way to Zeitgeist right after NYFW, but most of them will not see the spotlight before the 2019 of the year. I combined my knowledge of NYFW with some of the ones I won, you know, my days surrounded by clothes to predict five trends that I suspect we will see everywhere in the 2019 year.

Here is the second round of the five major fashion trends of the 2019 year, plus three ways to buy each. (As I said, all we can do now is look up to the 2019 of the year. And small purchases have never harmed anyone, right?)

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