Spring / Summer Nail Ideas; Nail Decorating Ideas, Trends And Tips New 2022


Nails decorated makes the most successful among women, because there are no shortage of options for enamels and models for those who want creativity, perfection and delicacy, the alternatives are promising, the drawings made with the hand of fabric paint and the use of rhinestones (pebbles) True works of art are made on the fingernails. The Market has invested a lot in this area that grows year after year. Those Who love decorated nails live a true paradise in recent years. Currently There are no shortage options for enamels and models for those who want a little creativity, and exuberance then, the alternatives are promising! See the most beautiful nail photos for inspiration.

Various Nail Designs decorated
That’s right: As much as the exuberance has highlighted there are several models of nails. Ideal for those who love to decorate and prefer to use on different occasions, without disturbing the look, making the idea quite versatile even to use in the day-to-day. Whatever The case, there are no missing options to get started.

3D Embossed Fingernails
Have you Guys ever heard of 3D decorated nails? This technique has been widely used for its extravagance. In Tokyo you have even exclusive fairs only for 3D nail demonstration. It gets embossed is made with acrylic powder with monomer, molded to gain a volume shape then decorate as you like. (This acrylic powder with monomer you find on nail products sites). See a little what are these beautiful 3D nails that are on high.

Red decorated Fingernails Want to unite the useful to the pleasant? How about red-decorated fingernails? That’s right: Just join the classic red enamel to one of the most diverse possibilities offered by the nail art models. And even better when you include the combination between different tones, such as red and white, silver, black and others.

Decorated Blue Fingernails
Are you adept at the blue glaze? Surely this is a good choice, after all we are talking about several super versatile possibilities, from something more relaxed to more formal occasions. If The idea is to think of blue nails decorated, better yet because the tone allows several possibilities: If you like blue-toned enamels and are in order to decorated nail designs, here is your place.

Nails decorated with bows
The decorated nails are always high, women always love to innovate. There are several techniques, different designs and various embellishments for all tastes, and can be just a detail or even more extravagant for those who like to innovate. The Enamels Line is well diversified, with many colors that have been very much with the decoration of the Lacinhos.

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